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November 13, 2019 by ZubaZ
I met some of my best friends on this site. Thank!
November 13, 2018 by ZubaZ
I know I'm not as active as I once was but I'm lurking daily. It's crazy that the babiies of memebers when I started out here are now in high-school. Great products brought me here and great people kept me here. Many thanks to T-Man, _Andrew, Nickie, SexyMat, KarmaGirl, Nakor, and of course Frogboy for all they've done at the WinCustomize and Stardock forums.
August 21, 2017 by ZubaZ
Last week, as a joke, I posted an image to Facebook of what (I thought) would be an awesome t-shirt design for my birthday today (which also happens to feature an eclipse across much of the US. Wincustomize member teddybearcholla took it upon herself to make one and send it to me. In the fifteen years (!!!) I have been a member here I am constantly surprised at what great friendships I have made.   You all are pretty great! (but teddybearcholla is super-great today!) ...
November 15, 2016 by ZubaZ
I have three events on my calendar that have lasted through many event purges; my wife's birthday, our anniversary, and joining this place. It is still the most friendly group of internet denizens around. Thanks!~
March 26, 2012 by ZubaZ
A pipe extending from my house into the back collapsed and had to be dug out for replacement. I can only hope that by the end of today I'm only sore when I move and not when I'm sitting still. Red Five . . standing by. Hit the link to see the video. (no need to sign up [I think]).   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150762695378384