This beta addresses an Insider Creators issue where a user would have to log out to apply the shadow color when automatically using window border color.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Current ShadowFX users and Object Desktop members can download the beta from your Stardock account

Learn more about ShadowFX here.  

on Oct 05, 2017

 Is there a way to DL it without OD Mgr?  My OD Mgr won't install ShadowFx specifically, giving me error 123.  Online, all the answers seem to be to just get the binaries from directly, but I don't see a direct link to it.


on Oct 05, 2017

You use the (account) link, in blue, in Zubaz's above post. Sign in with your credentials, go to My Downloads. It should be there.  The beta is only available to ObjectDesktop subscribers.