Stardock Support is looking to make improvements in many of our systems in the near future.

We're updating the support page to make resolving issues faster and easier.  It will make it easier for people having issues to find the right channel to get the solution to their problem.

For as long as Stardock has been around we've been a part of the skinning community and we've relied on that partnership to ensure products improve and new users get help.  The community will continue to be a source and a link from the official page because you people do so much for the support team.

In an effort to offer alternatives, we are updating the content in the knowledgebase ( to be more current and relevant.

This post is a solicitation for topics to be added.  It's for posting the questions that you have seen asked over and over again on the forums that a person that didn't know about the forums might look for in the knowledge base.

This thread will be more heavily moderated than most here.  We're not looking for discussion here or solutions .  If we need that we can spin off another thread.

So, if you can think of anything, post it here.

And thank you for all you all do.

- Stardock support

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on Feb 15, 2012

Quick question! When I arrive at the knowledgebase page it is prompting for a login. It will not accept my WC login. Is there a separate login for the knowledgebase  page?

on Feb 15, 2012

Quick question! When I arrive at the knowledgebase page it is prompting for a login. It will not accept my WC login. Is there a separate login for the knowledgebase  page?

There is a different logon system for the esupport system, but it shouldn't be necessary to make an account just to access the Knowledgebase.  You should be able to at least browse without logging in.

on Feb 15, 2012

Topics -

1. Registrations: What to do if... for lost, not received, etc. registrations including the "merge accounts" url. <-- link should appear very prominently (color/size/shape) on the store logon page, the new installer.  

2. Terms of Usage and Returns Policy. 

3. Support: How it works, and how it doesn't work. 

4. How to Install and Uninstall: Read this first! 

5. Applications, Bugs and Known Incompatibility Issues: "What to do if you see..."   I think the eSupport url should be on the Home Pages of all the SD sites, and have a "drop down" menu showing the topics which should be updated (weekly, if possible).

* edit: Sorry if this looks like 'solutions', Zu. I didn't understand this would be in more of an "FAQ" format.

on Feb 15, 2012

Since we are not doing anything radical with the pages and since the focus is on the knowledge base I'll cull Doc's list to the following:

  • How do I recover my registrations?
  • How do I download my software?
  • I've not gotten my software.  What should I do?
  • What do I do if I have two accounts?
  • Can I install programs on multiple computers?
  • What is the return policy?

Thanks.  Good start!


on Feb 15, 2012

Sending more than one support request. How many have sent to support more than once without realizing it will get kicked back to the end of the line. Its been explained many times but doesn't seem to stick.

on Feb 15, 2012

How to gift subscriptions/apps?

How to purchase with PayPal? 

on Feb 15, 2012

Good ones!


on Feb 15, 2012

Well I guess I'd better get to posting.  Please edit as necessary.

*How does the Support process work?

Please start up a Support ticket here: [link]

Within a couple of hours after contacting Support you should receive an automatic receipt confirmation email.  If it goes into your spam folder set the filter to allow the sender.

The tickets are set up to close automatically every few days.  When that happens you will receive an automatic notification saying essentially "Due to lack of communication the ticket has been closed. ... To reopen the ticket reply to this email."  This is nothing to be concerned about, just reply to the email and the ticket will be re-opened.  You may or may not go through that loop more than once.

Do not send Support emails during the interim unless you are replying to one of theirs or you need to send them additional information.  Every time you send them an email otherwise it puts you back to the end of the queue, much like hanging up and re-dialing a phone customer service line.

*I purchased through PayPal, why isn't my software available yet?

[Explain PayPal delay, however exactly that works.]

*Can I uninstall Impulse?

Impulse continues to be required under any of the following circumstances:

Games remain installed which were installed through Impulse.

Object Dock software or other Stardock applications remain which were installed through Impulse.  Impulse is required to properly uninstall those applications.  Please note that updates made through the MyProducts page [Always/Typically/Frequently/Occasionally(?)] require the uninstallation of the previous version, and if that previous version was installed through Impulse, Impulse will be required to uninstall it.

Installing or re-installing any software which was download or archived (backed up) through Impulse.  Please be aware that some discontinued software may not be available through any subsequent distributions systems.



I'm sure I'll come up with more.

edit - addition in green


on Feb 15, 2012

*Can I store or move my themes and skins anywhere I choose?

Skins, themes and cursors are required to reside in their respective installed directories.  Object Dock icons can be stored anywhere the user chooses.  DesktopX widgets, gadgets, and themes may be stored anywhere the user chooses.  [Add other as appropriate.]

on Feb 15, 2012

*How do I backup/restore my Object Dock settings?

[I'm not even going to attempt this one, but it needs to include the icon restoration, user settings, and basic OD backup.  I.e., how to completely restore and move Object Dock.]

on Feb 15, 2012

*Why do my Deskscapes dreams run poorly?

[A good response in order of likely-hood / ease of checking.  Things that come to mind are video drivers, codecs, system specs.]

on Feb 15, 2012

*When can I expect application updates?

[In the appropriate legal-speak] Stardock provides software updates from time to time.  However, updates are not guaranteed and as a matter of practice specific release dates are not set.

on Feb 15, 2012


on Feb 16, 2012

I'd put this on the main "Software" page right above "How many computers can I install my software on?"  This is the best phrasing I can come up with, have at it.

*Should I keep backups of my downloaded software even though I have an Object Desktop subscription?"

Yes, and on an external driveThe Object Desktop subscription is an arrangement which provides the user access to the most recent beta versions and the most recent stable version of certain applications for a period of 1 year.  It does not otherwise provide access to previous versions.  After the 1 year period has expired, if the customer does not renew the subscription, download access to any version is no longer provided.  Download access to any version, including the original purchased version, is no longer provided after the subscription has expired without renewal.  Not keeping a safe copy of purchased downloaded software as provided is roughly equivalent to discarding the original disk from boxed software after installing it.  If the customer has kept copies of the downloaded installation software and the respective serial numbers, the software may be installed after the subscription has expired.  A Final non-beta version may be required for initial installation or re-installation, so at least one final non-beta version should be retained in addition to any subsequent beta updates.




edit - tacked on the last sentence

edit - insertion in green

on Feb 16, 2012

DaveRI - The above is an excellent suggestion. Just add "on an external drive."

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