I'm collecting data.

If, when you try to change cursors using CursorFX, you find that it takes two clicks of the Apply button to make the change I need to know.


What version of CursorFX are you using?  Free or paid?  Version #?

What operating system are you using?  32- or 64-bit?

Installed via Impulse or the Stardock store?



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on Oct 04, 2011

Cursor FX Plus. Paid. Version 2.05

Win7 Ultimate 64bit. (Dual boot to Vista 32 bit, same CFX version, same issue)



Yuor Weclome.

on Oct 04, 2011

Yes, but only with newer CFX cursors AND only if I apply one with one already applied.
(Applies instantly if going from a 'nekkid' cursor)

CFX Plus, paid. 2.05
Windows Vista, 64 bit
Installed from good ol' Impulse.

on Oct 04, 2011

CFX Plus, Paid. V2.05

Windows7 32 bit

Installed via Impulse

on Oct 04, 2011

Cursor FX Plus.  Version 2.05

Win7 Home Premium 64bit. (Dual boot to Ubuntu)



Always takes two clicks to apply. First click you get the Windows default, second click applies chosen cursor.


Yuor Weclome.

on Oct 04, 2011


CFX Plus, paid.


Cursor FX Plus. Paid


Guys, don't look now, but Plus and Paid are one and the same.         


This was a public service announcement from the W.C. Department Of Redundancy Department.   


on Oct 04, 2011

CFX free version 2.05

W7, 64 bit


double apply issue

this was an issue also on my XP machine back in 2007 when I first tried the program

on Oct 04, 2011

CursorFX on W7 Home 64. It takes two to change

I've stopped using it. My cursor grinds to a halt when Mailwasher is checking for mail. I had a support ticket on this but didn't get much of an answer. As Mailwasher is more important to me than CursorFX, off it went.

on Oct 04, 2011

W7 Pro x32 and W7 Home Premium x64

CFX v 2.05, Paid, installed through Impulse.

on Oct 04, 2011

I see folks with the same OS and version of CFX that I have, but I'm not having the problem.  Hmmm. 

Not that I want to have the problem.

on Oct 04, 2011

CFX Plus V2.05

XP Home 32 Bit

9 times out of 10 must apply twice, also when download a CursorFX file and open with CursorFX it very rarely applies, must open CursorFX to get cursor to apply.

on Oct 04, 2011

Cursor FX Plus v 2.05
Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit SP1

Same problem

on Oct 04, 2011

Thank you all.  Most helpful!

on Oct 04, 2011

Cursor FX Plus free edition v 2.01

Windows 7 home premium 64-bit

Installed via Impulse

on Oct 04, 2011

Cursor FX free version

Win 7 Pro 64 bit

Neither Impulse nor store

Same issue

uroy lweocme

on Oct 24, 2011

I just installed CFX on Win7 64bit and I have the same issues with double apply to show cursor and after unloading i had NO CURSOR!  I had to reboot and uninstall the software. I think this CFX issue has never been fixed or will be fixed anytime soon. Stardock seems to be working hard in more important stuff really needing the update. That is what I think. I might be wrong.

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