Published on November 16, 2010 By ZubaZ In Personal Computing

I saw this and thought it interesting.



AeroWeather features include:

  • Temperature-based color changes
    • Minimum and Maximum values let you define your own range of colors
    • Maximum temperature (or higher) is always red
    • Minimum temperature (or lower) is always purple
    • Color is calculated based on minimum and maximum values
      • For example, given a minimum of zero, and a maximum of 100, if the temperature is 50 degrees, the calculated color would be a shade of green
  • Condition-based color changes
    • UI is grey if it’s cloudy, blue if it’s sunny, white if it’s snowing, dark grey if it’s raining, etc
  • “Night Mode”
    • Dims the Aero colors when the sun sets (retrieves sunset time from weather server). Colors appear dimmer and less vibrant
    • Brightens them when the sun rises the next day

AeroWeather is freeware.

AeroWeather requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Windows Aero enabled.This software is designed to work with the “glass” effect in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and it will not work unless Windows Aero is enabled.

Download AeroWeather (ClickOnce installer)


on Nov 16, 2010

Is it skinnable? Hmmmm....

on Nov 16, 2010

mabey i will have a look see. thanks for sharing

on Nov 16, 2010

So, it's not a weather widget or gadget but changes the color of the desktop interface based upon the weather?  Close or totally wrong? 


on Nov 16, 2010

Its an installer package. 404kb from I let AVG have a look see and found zip.

on Nov 16, 2010

I was all excited and downloaded this but it is useless unless you live in the US. Does not support Canadian locations

on Nov 16, 2010

Looks like a great idea, but I see a lot of dark grey and white in my future!

on Nov 16, 2010

Would be killer idea to be implemented in to a DX widget tho..

on Nov 17, 2010

Yes I agree would be neat if someone could put this in the dx weather widgets. I would say just to have the temperature fonts change color would be really cool.

on Nov 17, 2010

I'm already thinking up ways to use it for a SMX. Haven't installed it yet hoping some one else will first. I'm chicken.

Mvtt says:

You don’t need an alternative. This program works with other zipcodes. Go to and search for your location. When you press the link for your city, look at the URL address that is displayed in your web browser. At the end there will be a country code + several numbers (eg. PLXX0012) Paste that into the program and you should be good to go.

Note: I entered my location as described above, and the code was successfully validated, that is why I assume it works

Is it worth a shot?

on Nov 17, 2010

Uvah I am interested to know what your thinking in regards to smx weather because I cannot even get my weather to work now. I get the parsing error.

on Nov 17, 2010

Uvah I am interested to know what your thinking in regards to smx weather because I cannot even get my weather to work now. I get the parsing error.


SMX or DX?


on Nov 17, 2010

Interesting. It's 57 degrees F here (min=0 max=100), and I don't see a change in Vista windows appearance. I must be doing something wrong.

on Nov 17, 2010

RND that would be smx. My weather stopped working a week ago or so.

on Nov 18, 2010

I can't get it to work either despite doing the way its done in the folders I have from other smx's. Something's up with the weather people again?

I just thought of something. If the app works according to the weather you receive then if you don't get it neither will the app. I think.