Published on November 13, 2018 By ZubaZ In Life, the Universe and Everything

I know I'm not as active as I once was but I'm lurking daily.

It's crazy that the babiies of memebers when I started out here are now in high-school.

Great products brought me here and great people kept me here.

Many thanks to T-Man, _Andrew, Nickie, SexyMat, KarmaGirl, Nakor, and of course Frogboy for all they've done at the WinCustomize and Stardock forums.

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on Nov 23, 2018

 You can have this one. 

Twelve years for me.

on Nov 24, 2018

I would never be even ASKED for a personal one.. I feel like a black sheep here sometimes


on Nov 24, 2018

Fuzzy Logic

I have always been here...   
Been here since Galactic civilizations for Os/2, or the beginning of time.

on Nov 24, 2018

Well I bought Galactic civilizations 1 the gold edition, but didn't play it didn't know I needed a serial number. Expected it to install off the disk like games are supposed to. I did buy Galactic civilizations 2 Dark Avatar, and installed it in 2007. That makes both 11, and 12 years for me.

on Nov 26, 2018