Stardock Support is looking to make improvements in many of our systems in the near future.

We're updating the support page to make resolving issues faster and easier.  It will make it easier for people having issues to find the right channel to get the solution to their problem.

For as long as Stardock has been around we've been a part of the skinning community and we've relied on that partnership to ensure products improve and new users get help.  The community will continue to be a source and a link from the official page because you people do so much for the support team.

In an effort to offer alternatives, we are updating the content in the knowledgebase ( to be more current and relevant.

This post is a solicitation for topics to be added.  It's for posting the questions that you have seen asked over and over again on the forums that a person that didn't know about the forums might look for in the knowledge base.

This thread will be more heavily moderated than most here.  We're not looking for discussion here or solutions .  If we need that we can spin off another thread.

So, if you can think of anything, post it here.

And thank you for all you all do.

- Stardock support

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on Feb 16, 2012

DaveRI - The above is an excellent suggestion.



on Feb 16, 2012

Probably a whole slew of things for Demigod... hmm...

Detailed instructions on purchasing and registering the game via impulse or steam.  Think you already have a good description of the process on one of the Demigod main pages.  I'll add some other specific things when I get a chance/think of them.

on Apr 06, 2013


Subscription: What it entitles you to, and what it doesn't.

How "stand alone" purchase differs from ODNT subscription.