I'm collecting data.

If, when you try to change cursors using CursorFX, you find that it takes two clicks of the Apply button to make the change I need to know.


What version of CursorFX are you using?  Free or paid?  Version #?

What operating system are you using?  32- or 64-bit?

Installed via Impulse or the Stardock store?



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on Nov 02, 2011

Dawai . . I hate to say this . . but you are having a lot of issues with SD-ware.  Maybe it's your rig. 

on Nov 02, 2011

I gather you indeed got my email.

I have no frame of reference to help sort these issues out, Zu.  First rig with Win7 (Pro SP1, 'Anytime' upgraded from Home Premium), first 64 bit.  It's a Dell Inspiron N7110 with i5-2410M CPU, Intel HD graphics, 6GB RAM & WEI of 4.8.  Not exactly an exotic bit of weirdness, I wouldn't think.  Plays very nice with WB & IP.

My only issues are 1) activating SKS7, and 2) the 2 CFXPlus issues I've reported, the latter having been reported by several other users.  The WB issue I had initially (limited to PaleMoon, a bug known to Neil) was fixed with the latest update.

So I'm not quite ready to write them off to 'my rig'.  I hope you'll keep working the problem with me.  Appreciate all you've done so far.



on Nov 14, 2011

Still using the same version of CFX but for some reason the random switching back & forth between default & theme cursors has gone away as of a week or so ago and it now takes only one CTRL+SHIFT+C to get it to toggle.  Who knows why.