Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Published on February 1, 2009 By ZubaZ In Diet
Yesterday at the store I saw a package of Eggland's Best eggs labeled "From Vegetarian Fed Hens".

On two levels I am disturbed by this.

The first is that chickens would have to be force fed veggies or deprived of their natural diets to be vegetarian. I have a choice to be "unnatural" if I want; a chicken does not. That chicken is either getting supplements or is malnourished. I don't believe that most vegetarians would support either option.

The other thing (and this invalidates part of the above item) what kind of sicko company is out there feeding vegetarians to chickens? What have we done to piss off Eggland's Best? And how do you convince hens to eat vegetarians? Show them "The Birds" over and over again?

In any case, it's wrong!

on Feb 01, 2009

Maaaan, that pic! Now THAT'S what I call a big cock!