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Published on February 26, 2008 By ZubaZ In OS Customization
Lifehacker featured two apps associated with Wincustomize today!

Logon studio got a nice plug as did Nubs, created by our own andrew_

Congrats all!


Registration is wicked fast if you want to leave a comment there.

on Feb 26, 2008
Ahhhh, finally a link to info on how to use Nubs!

Nifty little thing. Thanks andrew_
on Feb 26, 2008
Well, some people there didn't understand what Nubs is about at all judging from some posts there. Comparing it to a starter-dock app is plain stupid.
on Feb 29, 2008
Has anyone been able to get this program to work? I've had the devil of a time trying to get it to work. I'm sure that it's probably something on my end, but I haven't found anything that could be the problem yet.
on Feb 29, 2008

Nubs is easy.
Drag an open window to the side of you screen . . BOOM!  . . nub. 

What are you having trouble with?
on Mar 01, 2008
Believe it or not, but nowhere in the readme or any other file did I see such simple instructions. And I couldn't figure out why sometimes when I would open a window it would work and the other times no nubs.

This just goes to show how even a simple proggie can be frustrating if you don't include (good) instructions for use, no matter how simple or straight forward it may seem to you (the developer).

Thanks for the info Zubaz.

Happy Nubbing to all, and to all a good night!
on Mar 01, 2008
Yeah! nubs very cool, thank for head up Zu!
on Mar 01, 2008
I start to really love nubs, and use it more and more frequent.

Believe it or not, but nowhere in the readme or any other file did I see such simple instructions.

I had exactly the same problem. The first time I gave up and removed it.
on Mar 01, 2008
Ahh... so people are actually noticing the lack of documentation hu?

Took me a while to figure out how to use it also. I'd never seen or heard of Sticky Windows (the Mac equivalent) so it was all new to me, however, thanks to some helpful commenters, I got it working finally.
on Mar 02, 2008
Maybe time for a wiki?
YOu start it, I'll help populate it.
on Mar 02, 2008
Props on the articles. and Great work Andrew. nubs looks cool..
on Mar 02, 2008
Maybe time for a wiki?Andrew?YOu start it, I'll help populate it.

I already did Rumshot for him.
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