Published on October 9, 2007 By ZubaZ In OS Customization
Change log:
SoundPackager 0.96 beta

ADD: Added 'Restore Defaults' button to the Packages Page.

MOD: /uninstall flag will now set the current sound scheme to the Windows Default for the current user.
MOD: Get More Page now highlights entire panel to signify mouse action on mouse enter.

REM: Removed Restore Windows Default and Disable all Sounds button from the Advanced Page.

FIX: Removing all packages from the list no longer throws an exception.
FIX: Hash is removed when package is removed. (Delete or from List)

I really like the way "Restore defaults" works!  Makes good sense to have it on the package page too.  Have you thought about having the "Restore Windows Sounds" button on the Welcome Page function the same way?
The highlight on the "Get more Package" is more intuitive.  I'm going to plug one last time (and then drop it forever) that somthing like the Skin Browser in SDC or the WC browser would be a seemless fit here unless the goal is to drive traffic to WC in which case, I'm cool with that too. 

Nice update!  No problems yet (and none expected).


on Oct 10, 2007
Good to hear Aaron. Thanks for the feedback.
on Oct 10, 2007
Everything is working fine, really starting to like this program. Looking forward for more sounds to be added. Thank you all.   
on Oct 10, 2007
After using this for a few days I have a few more comments (not related to the app directly).

  1. Sounds need to be shorter in Soundpacks. The sounds are all lagging behind the events on my PC. Stupid fast PC!
  2. Some of the default sounds are everywhere! I use open pandora to listen to music and it must load a bunch of stuff because I have some sounds that seem to go on forever. As soon as I figure out what it is, that event is so gone.